“He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master” – Ben Jonson

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Wing Chun was created in China during the seventeenth century, and it was the last Kung Fu art ever developed in China. It was the only Kung Fu art ever created by a woman.

Wing Chun is an in-close combative system based on not fighting “Force against Force,” using the principles of Yin/Yang. The system’s movements are based on looking at and implementing the movements of certain animals. Those animals are the white crane, snake, tiger and fox. However, its effectiveness and uniqueness is its ability to utilize “chi”, one’s internal energy.

The Wing Chun approach results in a no-nonsense defense system characterized by simplicity, directness, speed and techniques rather than physical strength to respond to the attack. Thus, Wing Chun becomes especially useful when applied to a larger, stronger, faster, more aggressive adversary.