Kung Fu classes at the academy are structured for all ages and body types. The classes are taught by Sifu Randy as well as by certified assistant instructors through a hands-on approach. Sifu Randy believes in a heterogeneous instructional class design in order for students to be immersed in various skill level situations. Theoretically, students exposed to higher level skills will strive for higher level personal goals. However, techniques of the art are thoroughly explored and detailed with a competency-based approach. Through frequent repetitions with different partners, reactions become more and more natural resulting in the desired spontaneous and efficient defensive skill attainment. Mastering the art of kung fu develops through skilled instruction coupled with personal discipline and dedication.

An average Taijiquan class would include form refinement and martial applications of the Yang and Chen Taijiquan styles. An emphasis in health and spirituality is combined in self- defense ability.Each Wing Chun class uses the theories and skill of Taiji to internalize the William Chueng traditional style and modified styles as all taught by Grandmaster Yip Man. A Wing Chun class may consist of martial application involving fine- tuning of techniques and or sensitivity refinement. Our wing chun differs as we train to make the moves more internalized as with Taijiquan.

Actions and Procedures During Class

  • Clear your mind of all outside thoughts and problems.
  • Open the door quietly, not disturbing other people.
  • Bow to the pictures of Yip Man and Chen Man- Ching
  • Bow to Sifu.
  • Proceed quietly throughout the school, not disrupting other classes.
  • Make sure all cell phones are silenced.
  • Sign in your name, and mark which classes you will be attending.
  • Prepare for class by having an Eastern Arts shirt tucked into black pants with your sash properly tied around your waist.
  • Bow to any black sashes that you see.
  • Always keep eye contact to Sifu or any black sash when talking.
  • Bow before and after you train with your partner.
  • Respect and care for all students in our scho